WINanalyze 2.7 für Windows 10

By | Dezember 9, 2016

Mikromak’s Bewegungsanalyse Programm WINanalyze ist ab jetzt in der Version 2.7 erhältlich. Selbstverständlich voll kompatibel zu Windows 10!
Bitte gehen Sie zur Seite des Herstellers Mikromak um Details zu erhalten.

WINanalyze für Windows 10 Hersteller Mikromak


WINanalyze Player für Windows 10

Der kostenlose WINanalyze Player 2.7 wurde ebenfalls auf den neuesten Stand gebracht. Sie finden Ihn auf der Download Seite.


WINanalyze V2.7

What’s new?

– New feature: Add Image to Video Clip

Clicking on the „Add this image to custom clip video“ icon will create a new BLD file (and the corresponding DSC file) in the current video’s directory, with the same name, expanded by „-clipvideo.bld“ (if not already present),
and appends the current image to the file. With this new feature, the user can select certain frames of the whole video and generate a subsequence video from it.
This is often useful for videos that only have certain interesting scenes and do not need object tracking in the unnecessary parts of it.
Can also be used by pressing the F9 key. Please note that WINanalyze will automatically move to the next image in the video after the image has been appended to the file.

Further remarks:
Images will always be appended to an existing file of the given name. If you want to create a fresh new clipped video, delete the old BLD/DSC files manually.
The corresponding DSC file will be created with the original video’s FRAMES/S frequency value. If you skipped images while creating the clip video, you need to change that entry accordingly.
If the clipped video has already been opened in another application while new images get appended, you need to close and restart this appliation to see the complete content.
If you need autorepeat functionality, use the F9 key.

If you want to convert the BLD video to AVI format, use Mikromak’s Avi2Bld utility.

WINanalyze V2.6.1
Bug fixes:
– When using AviSynth, the original frame rate of the video is preserved

WINanalyze V2.6
What’s new?
– „Load File“ now supports all (*.*) formats
– „Export Analysis Data“ will now automatically use the object’s name
– „Export Object Sequences“ will now automatically use the object’s name
Bug fixes:
– When using „Set Fit“ display option (preserving aspect ratio of the image), object locations shown are now correct even when image is zoomed / scrolled out of borders

WINanalyze V2.5
What’s new?
– Windows 8 compliant
– Windows Vista/7 Bug removed that showed a busy cursor while tracking
large sequences
– Support for almost all video formats through direct AviSynth support
– Videos and Resource-Files can now be opened from Windows Explorer with DoubleClick (or „Open with…“)
– VRAW videos now also supported for multiple image files and calibration
– No more error messages when opening videos from a read-only device (e.g. CD/DVD)
– WINanalyze now remembers last used video directory
Bug fixes:
– Fixed „missing fps“ message in corrupt DirectShow Media files
– Stick figure dialog now handles tab key equal to return key
– Fixed DirectShowSource seek problem which sometimes displayed incorrect images

WINanalyze V2.3
What’s new?
– Windows 7 compliant
– Editable frame number field – allows to input the frame number to step to
– Adjustable time delay (in ms) when playing or tracking video
– Time delay is adjustable for each individual sequence independently

WINanalyze V2.2
What’s new?
– New x-y analysis window: Shows all y over x coordinates at all times
– Additional units available for analysis: Kilometers, miles, and hours
– Frame numbers are now displayed in AVI preview
– Automatic default values (Ncx, Nfx, dx, dy) are now calculated for new calibrations
– Changes in tracking algorithms (set in „Presettings“) now apply for the next object set
– Bug fix for exported data: Arbitrary filenames are allowed now
– Bug fix for Player Version regarding Import of external data
– Bug fix for empty (invalid data) windows
– Updated Helpfile

WINanalyze V2.11
What’s new?
– Bug fix for shortcuts: CTRL-N, CTRL-V, CTRL-C did not work correctly
– Additional shortcuts F2 (for player next frame) and F3 (for player previous frame)
– Copy to clipboard: Bug fixed which did not copy complete trajectory into clipboard

WINanalyze V2.10
What’s new?
– For Windows 2000, XP and Vista, the configurations files Wanalyze.ini and Wanalyze.col are now in the „all users“ application data (as suggested by Microsoft and mandatory in Windows Vista). Vista users will find those files in the „ProgramData\Mikromak\WINanlayze“ folder.
– Bugfix for DEP (Data Execution Prevention) protection; will now work without problems in Win XP Sp2 and Vista
– Migrated Helpfiles from HLP to CHM for Windows Vista compatibility
– Different INI files for WINanalyze and WINanalyze-Player for separate configurations
– Bug fixed which caused an error report when closing WINanalyze with many overlapping windows still opened

WINanalyze V2.03
What’s new?
– Bug-fix in subpixel routine (in rare occasions, this bug caused unnecessary jitter in the trajectory)

WINanalyze V2.02
What’s new?
– ObjectModel now displays correctly all property sheets
– AVI document now saves manually changed ‚frames per second‘ rates; will be used next time it is opened

WINanalyze V2.01
What’s new?
Several smaller bugfixes over version 2.0:
– BreakOnBadMatch and AdaptTemplate settings did not always work correctly – fixed
– BreakOnBadMatch now also works if object leaves image borders
– Correctly displays corrupted uncompressed AVIs that have invalid Colors and Size Tags
– Weinberger VRAW meta data now correctly interpreted: recording rate is correct now

WINanalyze V2.0
What’s new?
– Greatly improved tracking performance
– Tracking of very large templates (> 64 K) now possible
– Support for WEINBERGER hispeed camera video format VRAW
– Support for new IEEE1394 AVI codecs (like ‚Y800‘)
– New option „always track grayscale“ enables color videos to be shown in color but tracked in gray (which is 3 times faster)
– Load/Save of WINanalyze configurations (At startup, WINanalyze always loads presettings from wanalyze.ini changes made to presettings can now be saved to different filenames, and reloaded again at any time into WINanalyze)
– Copy to Clipboard: Analysis data can now be simply copied to the Windows clipboard and pasted to any other application (like e.g. Excel)
– Export Analysis Data: Filenames are scrollable and allow whitespaces
– Export Objects: Filenames are scrollable and allow whitespaces
– All enhanced tracking options (BreakOnBadMatch, AdaptTemplate) are now also available for truecolor videos
– Enhanced ini-Option are now available through the Object Presettings Dialog

WINanalyze V1.9
What’s new?
New options for tracking
A new option in the Wanalyze.ini file changes the way object points are set and tracked: AutoSingleStep=0 (default)
– set it to 0 (default) for usual tracking/point setting behaviour
– set it to 1 to enable fast one-object tracking. By using this option, a „Track one frame forward“ command is issued within WINanalyze whenever a
point is set (i.e. when the mouse button to set an object point is released). By using this, one object can be set and immediately tracked throughout the sequence extremely fast, because the tracking to the next frame is done automatically. Very useful for Manual Tracking, but can also be used with any other tracking algorithm.

WINanalyze V1.8
What’s new?
New manual tracking
Manual tracking will now use the information of the last two object locations to project the new location. For movements that are almost linear, this will result in good tracking results. The old functionality of manual tracking (just copying the object location to the next frame) is still maintained – if the object location is not altered by the user, it will use the last known position as in earlier versions of WINanalyze.
New menu hotkeys
To enable faster handling of the tracking methods one frame forward or backward, they have been assigned the hotkeys F5 and F6, respectively.
Enhanced mouse handling
When in manual tracking mode, the mouse cursor will be set automatically to the last tracked object position. Therefore, much faster manual setting of object locations is possible. To further enhance manual tracking handling, by moving or changing the template the object position will always automatically be set into the template’s center.

WINanalyze V1.7
What’s new?
New options for tracking
By using different options in the Wanalyze.ini file, many alterations to the tracking behaviour of WINanalyze can be made.
The options are:
BreakOnBadMatch=1 (default)
– set it to 0 to avoid getting „bad match“ popup windows; tracking will continue with the last set point positions
AdaptTemplate=1 (default)
– set it to 0 to disallow automatic template adaptation; WINanalyze will then always use the first set template
ThresholdSSD=45 (default)
– set it lower to be more restrictive in matching, set it higher to allow more alterations of the template (SSD-Tracking)
ThresholdCROSS=0.495 (default)
– set it higher to be more restrictive in matching, set it lower to allow more alterations of the template (CrossCorrelation-Tracking)

WINanalyze V1.6 and earlier
What’s new?
AVI Load
– AVI image sequences can now be loaded; a dialog box including a preview of the video allows for certain handling Options (half-frame splitting etc.) to be edited before loading into WINanalyze

Stick figure visualizaton
– Stick figure dialog box now contains a check-box option for showing single frame figures or overlapped figures for the whole sequence.

Angle Definition
– Angles can now explicitly be selected by choosing one of the possible eight angles defined by two lines

CON-file export
– The information about connections between all points is now saved in an ASCII text file (extension *.con). This is needed by our animation converter for 3DStudio Max.

Improved Neural Net approximation
– The interpolation via Neural Nets now shows much better performance (about 8 times faster than in older versions).

Multimedia Tools
– The 1.4 distribution contains a 3D Studio Max plugin to render animations with WINanalyze trajectory information.
– Tra2Vrml converts animations based on WINanalyze Trajectories in the VRML 2.0 format.

– The CD package contains many sample sequences with pre-tracked objects in a variety of applications. The tutorial explains in detail how to change the tracking parameters or filters for best results.

Precision evaluation
– A simulated calibrated stereo-sequence of a falling ball has been added to evaluate the precision when calculating earth gravity with WINanalyze.